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Merry Christmas to one and all

The gifts I’d leave beneath your tree,

Aren’t those that you can touch or see,

Not wrapped in Christmas tissue gay

But gifts to bless you every day.

The gift of friendship warm and true,

Is one that I would leave for you

Good health and happiness and cheer

To keep you smiling through the year

The gift of peace and joy,

With prayer to guide each path you trod

And when your heart has lost it’s song

The gift of hope to cheer you on.

These are the gifts I’d leave for you.


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Skinny book #4 for Altered Abbey

Here is a peek of my pages for book 4 … (click on the photo to enlarge)

I’m looking forward to receiving the finished book.


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Swing … and a miss

I have been frantically working on my Altered Abbey skinny book pages. Twice.

Twice you ask? Yes, twice.

I was on track – backgrounds done, images dyes in tea and cut out (almost all), words printed, cut and dyed and a tree image altered and printed.

Then my sewing machine died and my little guy got really sick. I can still hear his little tiny voice apologizing (??) for being sick in the middle of the night as I stripped him and the bed. Poor little guy. My heart still goes out to him thinking about it.

The pages were quickly set aside with a deadline looming. I checked the site for updates and hoped I could pull it together in time.

My original idea had been to sew the acetate to the pages. That was before my machine broke down. I am not a whiz with the spray adhesive. My test page looked awful (No, I wasn’t being hard on myself – it looked sticky and gobby).

Time to figure out something else. Think, think, THINK.

I headed in another direction which I wasn’t entirely sure of, however, I kept working madly.
My little voice kept saying no, no, no! I ignored it. Phew! Finished.
I set the pages aside to dry.

A couple of days later … I took out the pages and they were a mess. There was NO WAY I could submit them in good conscience. Don’t believe me? Here take a look yourself.

I sat and stared at the pages with growing horror. I had to start over. I was officially late a few days already. Should I or shouldn’t I?

I did. It made me really late (Sorry, sorry, sorry Chrysti) but I feel much better about my contribution to the book.

So that’s what I have been up to. I’ll post pics of the new pages soon. Just working up the nerve.

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ATC Night – theme ‘Winter’

This month was a twinkly snowflake breeze!

I have been so consumed by my skinny book that I didn’t have time to fuss and fret this month.

I did 13 cards in just over and hour. That’s lightning fast speed for me. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of one of my cards but I can tell you what I used to create them.
Due Date: 14Dec07
Theme: Winter
Supplies used:
Rubber Stamps: Stampendous, Gel a Tins
Paper: watercolour
Ink: Versafine – Majestic Blue
Paint: watercolour – blue (I’m sure it has a proper name but I’ve no idea)
Embossing powder: Diamond Sparkle

The meeting was in full swing when I arrived.

We had a new face this month. Yay! Welcome Sandy!

Participants for this month were:

Traders: Martha, Hope, Florence, Diana, June, Susan V., Marissa, Daniza, Ludgera, Mary, Kris, Sandy and Cori

Observers: Colette

Beverly, Jacqui, Susan W. we missed you! Come visit again. OK?


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What is wrong with people?

This story really made me mad. It brought tears to my eyes.

I mean really, Santa’s letters?

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that Book! Cover to Cover

As promised, I am posting each individual page of my Altered Abbey ‘Thinspiration’ Skinny book.

You can see the cover here.
Thanks to my friend Kenny for taking the photos for me.

In Order of Apperance

Page 1: My page.

Page 2: Denice O’Heron

Page 3: Amy Smith

Page 4: Jamie Vowell

Page 5: Jane Melohn

Page 6: Kim Tedrow

Page 7: M. Kathleen Hendrix

Page 8: Joanie Hoffman

Page 9: Annie Yu

Page 10: “Inner Guidance Dance” by Gena Lumbruso

Page 11: ‘Originality’ Kristin “Krissy” Chadwick

Page 12: Katelyn Thomas

Page 13: Chrysti Hydeck

Page 14: “The Old Schoolhouse” by Mary Foreman

Page 15: Seth Apter

Page 16: “Create” by Laura Melohn

Page 17: Susan Goodell

Page 18: Tina Shoaga

Page 19: Mary Franzenburg

Page 20: Tamara Randi

Page 21: Florence Brick

Page 22: Nici Derosier

Page 23: Beverley Teichrob

Page 24: Ellen Gray

Page 25: Jane Altshuler
This page wasn’t bound into the book as it is very thick. I guess it was to hard to punch through. I’m going to try to find a way to add this page to my book. Wish me luck!

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An exercise in frustration

Printing on tissue is very frustrating!!!!!


OK, I feel better now.


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