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Visiting Carmi at her BIG show!

June and I snuck out tonight to visit Carmi at the One of a Kind spring show.

I waited until almost closing time so that I could snap a photo without getting her in trouble.

Doesn’t it look beautiful?

My favorite booth was Carmi’s (of course!) followed very closely by Honey Hollow.

They have the most divine churned honey. I must have been insane to forget all about them. They used to be my very first stop at the show. I know brains huh? Weigh yourself down right at the beginning of the show…


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Coming Home

It’s been a wonderful week with my parents. I’ve enjoyed every minute with them.

My son has been running wild. He will have a big adjustment when he goes back to daycare.

We coloured easter eggs on the final day (*sniff*)

Thank goodness the dye washes off pretty easily. lol.

Gotta get cracking on my cards for the card exchange. I’ve planned it out on paper. Let’s see how well I can execute it.

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Night out

Grandma and Grandpa graciously babysat the little guy last night.

So we could go to the casino. Makes us sound like parents of the year doesn’t it?

I was queen of the roulette table. I was up at the end of the evening. It was my kinda of table – .25 minimum. I’m not a risk taker – I can’t do it.

I’m thinking of all the scrapbook or art supplies I could buy instead.

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No art this week

No art this week. I miss my supplies. Does planning my ATCs and cards count?

I had a very small bag packed to take with me. It’s still on the computer desk at home. Really I don’t need another trimmer, scissors, etc. Do I?

I’ve visited three scrapbook stores in Edmonton.

Scrap-A-Lot – I liked them on the last visit – this time the lady working was cordial to everyone (the dreaded regulars) but distinctly icy with me. Likely won’t go back. What a shame because it’s a nice store.

Creative Scrapbooks – no opinion. It seemed to be a very nice store, however, I had four people waiting for me in the car. Which doesn’t lend its self to a leisurely browse.

Scrap and BeanSee here for opinion.

I did purchase two new books. I’m a sucker for technique books. I’m just not the type read at the computer. I’d rather curl up on the couch with a book and hot beverage.

I also bought 1300+ brads. It was accidental – I didn’t realize how many I actually had.

The lady at the store asked if I had a big project.

I replied that I didn’t – then she simply thought I was nuts. Plus she likely wasn’t enthused that we had to count them all by hand. You try giving them back after the final count.

I didn’t have the nerve.

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Road Trip

We went to Calgary today – for about two hours.

I do want our little guy to know his cousins. Don’t ask me why we do this to ourselves. It’s exhausting.

It would have been much nicer if they could have made it to the party to have a proper visit.

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Card night

I admit it.

My aunt and uncle introduced me to a this game.

I’m addicted.


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We told our son that Grandma and Grandpa had bunnies. He has been searching for them every day since our arrival.

Finally a sighting. We are such a city family – all three of us went out to see the bunny. lol.

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