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Grumpy drivers

The King and Dundas streetcar drivers are cranky lately. Really cranky.

We have several options to catch the streetcar home each night.

1. Last northbound stop before the subway station
2. First southbound stop out of the station (after 6 PM only)
3. From the streetcar platform inside the station

I have a metro pass – so it’s really all the same option.

Add a determined, hungry and possibly grumpy toddler. Suddenly the first available streetcar is most attractive.

I have my son walk up the street car steps as much as possible. Most drivers are very unhappy about this. They have even angrily said ‘Carry him up!’ .

Take tonight for example.

As we boarded (using option 1) the street car the driver actually exhaled air between his teeth (you know the sound when someone feels put out) and then he grunted when I showed him my pass. Lovely.

We took our seats and settled in for the ride home.

I can feel that someone is behind me. I turn slightly to verify that it is the driver. Yup, it’s him – sour look intact.

“Exactly what are you doing?” he asks.

“We are headed southbound. It’s OK I have a metropass.” I reply.

“Actually I didn’t see your pass when you got on.” he challenges.

“No problem sir.” I reach into my pocket and pull out my metropass.

“The car in front of me is leaving right away.”

“That’s fine. We’ll read.”

“Why are you doing this?” he asks.

“Because it’s much easier for me with a toddler.”

I don’t understand his attitude and objection to us being on his streetcar.

I make every effort to be a polite as possible in front of my son. I want to set a good example. I don’t want to be one of those “do as I say but not as I do” parents. Also he is a sponge. If I make one tiny slip up – he’s sure to repeat whatever I said. He still says ‘little bugger’ and that was months ago.


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macaroni & cheese

My sweetie makes the best macaroni and cheese. I figure this is legitimate art related post, because, making delicious food is an art.

We asked our son what he wanted for supper tomorrow. A big smile spread across his face and he yelled “Macaroni and cheese!”

I couldn’t agree more.


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It wasn’t scary at all

Silly me. They didn’t even bite.

I get so worked up about new situations. I had no luck finding the acrylic paint * eye roll *. Soooooo I bought some more on my way there.

I was to shy to actually work on my book. All those eyes would have freaked me out for sure. I was fun to participate (OK, talk with – there wasn’t much work going on!) in a group of talented women. I’m starting to ‘get’ that you can’t really make a mistake. Which is quite different from not liking what you have done. They were synonymous in my mind before.

Mary Ambrose did an altered book demo with the focus on Windows and Portals which I enjoyed very much.

I am going to work in my new book at least once each week until I can attend another ABC meeting.

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Typical reaction

for me.

I am finally able to attend a session of the Altered Book Club (ABC).

I have my book ready, bag packed (except for my acrylic paint – which is somewhere!) and I am irrationally nervous.


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What fun! I’ve been tagged

by Carmi to reveal five little known things about me. My train trip to London gave me time to consider this.

Here goes!

1. I shaved my head for charity. In November. Man oh man it was COLD!

2. I refused to purchase furniture for almost 10 years because I was moving back West at ‘anytime’. I still consider myself a westerner.

3. I’m passionate about the defence of the romance novel. It ticks me off when people look down on the genre. Romance fiction comprises 53.3% of ALL paperback fiction sold in North America. I even appeared on national TV – although even now I can only peek through my fingers to watch it.

4. I have a secret desire to be a superhero. ohmygoshi’msoembarrassednow (not so secret anymore)

5. I used to live with five guys. I was greatly amused by peoples’ reaction once they found this out.
Surprise … wait for it …
Doubt and/or disbelief (as they not so subtly eyed me) …wait for it …
Disapproval (apparently they believed I was a very naughty girl)

I tag June, Marissa, Jenni, Jacqui and Caroline. If you don’t have a blog just post in the comments section.

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Art snobbery?

I find an art supply store a little bit overwhelming.

heavy body acrylic fluid acrylics coloured pencils pastels gel medium watercolour oil alkyds gouache cold pressed palettes brayers gesso solvents varnish gloss matte satin finish GAC 400 iridescent encaustic paper weights mixing medium walls of brushes palette paper canvas

It just sort of washes right over me. Like a tidal wave.

This time I brought a book with me to show the staff exactly what I was looking for. Because people who work in art stores assume you know what they are talking about.

One staff member commented that the artist made some “very cool” stuff. He asked me if the book was from the library. I said no, but that it likely would be as the artist, Claudine Hellmuth, is well known.

Then he turned to the other staff member and said, “Even though it’s not real art”.


What exactly is ‘real’ art?


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I guess it just wasn’t for me

I had only glanced through a friend’s copy. That glance made me believe it was going to be a perfect addition to my library.

I was wrong.

Once I actually sat down with ‘Alphabetica’, I discovered that it is essentially fluff. Very prettily wrapped fluff. Gorgeous photographs, lots of inspiration, VERY little instructional information. The Masters: Artist Workshops section was especially disappointing.

I’m confident that I will find a good home for it. Someone else will love it.

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