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Honesty? Huh.

I’m catching up on the blogs I read.  So I strolled over to Marissa’s and here lurked ten honest tidbits.

Hmmm.   Unlike Marissa I experienced no issue with what to write.  Just exactly how honest should I be? 

Black and white?  Room for shades of grey?  Is grey still the truth?  Brutally?  Painfully?  Serious?   Silly?

You decide.

1. I would give my own life for my son. Unreservedly.

2. I went to a very dark, dark place in the latter part of 2008. I’ve no desire to go back.

3. I compulsively collect journal after journal.  I’ve not been able to truly, freely and honestly write in a journal for almost 20 years.  If I did, it was destroyed.  Yet, I still keep buying them.

4.  I unabashedly love the song ‘Barbie Girl‘  by Aqua.  Cringe if you will.  I don’t care.

5. I am scared to send my secret(s) to Post Secret. What if you recognize me?

6. I didn’t call my own Mother for her final Mother’s Day.  How’s that for evil?

7. I have been a terrible friend in 2008.

8. The vivid, bright and best points of 2008 were always with my friends.  Ironic?

9.  I always colour in the lines.

10.  I made a bucket list.  I’ll share if you will.

12.  2008 was the first birthday in 6 years that I couldn’t care less.

13.  I couldn’t wait to kick 2008’s ass to the curb.

I will tag people.  You go Martha,  June, Sandy, Carmi, Susan, Ronna, Sharon



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