Honesty? Huh.

I’m catching up on the blogs I read.  So I strolled over to Marissa’s and here lurked ten honest tidbits.

Hmmm.   Unlike Marissa I experienced no issue with what to write.  Just exactly how honest should I be? 

Black and white?  Room for shades of grey?  Is grey still the truth?  Brutally?  Painfully?  Serious?   Silly?

You decide.

1. I would give my own life for my son. Unreservedly.

2. I went to a very dark, dark place in the latter part of 2008. I’ve no desire to go back.

3. I compulsively collect journal after journal.  I’ve not been able to truly, freely and honestly write in a journal for almost 20 years.  If I did, it was destroyed.  Yet, I still keep buying them.

4.  I unabashedly love the song ‘Barbie Girl‘  by Aqua.  Cringe if you will.  I don’t care.

5. I am scared to send my secret(s) to Post Secret. What if you recognize me?

6. I didn’t call my own Mother for her final Mother’s Day.  How’s that for evil?

7. I have been a terrible friend in 2008.

8. The vivid, bright and best points of 2008 were always with my friends.  Ironic?

9.  I always colour in the lines.

10.  I made a bucket list.  I’ll share if you will.

12.  2008 was the first birthday in 6 years that I couldn’t care less.

13.  I couldn’t wait to kick 2008’s ass to the curb.

I will tag people.  You go Martha,  June, Sandy, Carmi, Susan, Ronna, Sharon



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4 responses to “Honesty? Huh.

  1. marissa

    I’m glad you’re posting again. And taking up the Honest Challenge.

  2. I’m glad you’re posting again. And taking the Honest Challenge….BONUS!

  3. Congrats on your new home Cori. Hmmm. I will definitely have to do some thinking about this one.

  4. I think that you have been a fine friend in 2008. You had a lot going on, is all. I don’t have a bucket list. There is nothing that I feel strongly about doing. I’ve done it all. I don’t call my mother, ever. she calls me, even on mother’s day. I’m not a phone person. I don’t colour in the lines. i don’t see the lines. Boundaries have always been a problem for me. As are rules. If I seen a line, it is just a challenge for me — a dare.I don’t say no to a dare. But I do dance to Barbie Girl. It’s on my cd with the Spice girls. It’s my clean up the house cd.

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